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Latvia, 5 Euro 2020, Personal freedom

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Basic Information
FACE VALUE: 5 euro
WEIGHT: 22.00 g
DIAMETER: 35.00 mm
METAL: silver of fineness .925
QUALITY: proof ; ar dažādas intensitātes matējumu un melnas krāsas uzdruku, apzeltījumu un spoguļvirsmu aversā un reversā
YEAR: 2020

Frosted obverse field; a low regular hexagonal pyramid is featured at the bottom left, with its faces covered by frosting of different intensity, black colour print, gold plating or mirror surface. Inscriptions 5 EURO, LATVIJA and 2020 are semi-circled to the right along the upper edge of the obverse.

The field of the reverse is filled with a mosaic of low regular hexagonal pyramids, with their faces covered by frosting of different intensity, black colour print, gold plating or mirror surface.

Two inscriptions LATVIJAS BANKA are separated by rhombic dots.

About the coin
One cannot have more personal freedom than another. Freedom needs true equality and democracy, and respect for every member of the society. One might think Eastern Europe knows the price and meaning of freedom best. People of Latvia had to defend, fight for, gain, lose and regain their freedom. But every era has its own way of treating freedom. Today, awareness of personal freedom and responsible behaviour has gained a much wider scale. Freedom of action now affects not only the closest ones, but also global processes and the future of the planet.

Personal freedom is limited by the social norms. These unwritten laws ensure society's ability to exist. If we want to be part of the society, we will follow the rules that are in place and have been historically established. The social norms define ability to comply with restrictions, share with those in need and respect the laws of the society. The social norms can exist only when recognised by most of the society.

Compliance with the social norms means morally and ethically acceptable behaviour (and today such is required for the sake of public health), and that may contradict the individual's beliefs and personal will. Then personal freedom must be restricted in the name of public interest. One could feel unhappy and believe that personal freedom is unjustly restricted. At the same time, being responsible means being able to accept it, understanding the benefits the society, and hence each person individually, will gain from that.
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